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Our Wagyus are born on the farm and stay with the mother cow for up to 10 months. From spring to autumn, the Wagyus are kept on pasture. The ox are not slaughtered until they are over 40 months old. The distance to the slaughterhouse is kept as short as possible to avoid unnecessary stress for the animals.

Our Wagyu meat is processed by the butcher and then packaged ready for freezing. From wagyuzoossiss, burgers and steaks to fillets, we offer everything from our wagyu animals.

Because we focus on quality and not quantity, not all cuts are always available. We also alternate between fullblood Wagyus and Wagyu crossbreds (Wagyu x Limousin and Wagyu x Holstein), whereby the meat of the fullblood Wagyus is distinguished by a higher degree of marbling. Nevertheless, the meat of the cross-bred animals should not be underestimated and offers a cheaper alternative.

Please refer to our price list to see which meat is currently for sale.

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The history of our farm



Establishment of a box barn for the dairy cattle


Suckler cow husbandry

Start of suckler cow husbandry with the Limousin breed


Soil cultivation

Plowless cultivation of our fields


Holiday appartments

Three holiday flats have been created by converting the stable and barn



The cooperative BEO (Bauerenintiativ fir d’Eislek an den Naturpark Our) was founded with us as a founding member…



High-quality regional foods such as oils, mustard, buckwheat noodles and much more are produced in the production facilities in Kalborn. Flax is grown on our fields, which is processed into cold-pressed oil. « www.ourdaller.lu »


Handover of the farm

Handover of the farm “A Mëchels” to the 9th generation of the Aust family


Solar energy

We put our first photovoltaic system into service


Milking robot

The milking of the dairy herd has been taken over by a milking robot


Cubicle free stables

With great attention to animal welfare, we have built a new cubicle free stables for the dairy herd


Wagyu breeding

We have started raising wagyu



The first Fullbloodwagyus were born


Ourdall Wagyu

Due to the location of our farm in the Our Nature Park, we market our meat under the name “Ourdall Wagyu”

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